Lord, I Want to Know You!

The Names of God

Week 1

 “Some boast in chariots, and some in horses; but we will boast in the name of the lord”

Psalm 20:7

As Kay says in our study…What do I mean when I say, “boast in the name of our God”?  In the Hebrew language the phrase to boast in means “to have confidence in, to trust in..”  Therefore, to boast in God’s name means to have confidence in His name.  In biblical times a name represented a person’s character.  God’s name represents His character, His attributes, His nature.  To know His name is to know Him.  To boast in His name is to have confidence in who He is!

We were asked if our heart was troubled…

Of course it is, we live in precarious times…

But we can know where to run & to whom…


The following link is to some praise & worship music with the intent to be edifying to you, that we may glorify him.

Creation Song, In the Name of the Lord, Mighty to Save


(My disclaimer:  when I make up a playlist & duplicate a song…I don’t know how to delete it, so either you get to listen to listen more than once from time to time or use your stop “feature”.  Thanks for your patience & understanding with my learning curve!)

Schedule for Lord, I Want to Know You!

Lord, I Want to Know You  – Schedule  2012-2013

Week 1    11/7      Days   1-5

Week 2    11/14    Days   6-9

Week 3    11/23    Days   10-14

Week 4    11/28    Days   15-19

Week 5     12/5     Days   20-25

Week 6     12/12   Days   26-28

Week 7     12/19   Days  29-32

Week 8       1/9     Days 33-36

Week 9        1/16   Days 37-42

Week 10      1/30   Virtual Pot Providence

Lord, I Want to Know You

Tonight starts a new study

                                                         Lord, I Want to Know You

So Much of our confusion & pain results because we don’t know God…

 who He really is, how He works in our lives.

Do we know for ourselves who He really is & how He conducts Himself in the affairs of mankind?

Good question!

I for one want to be able to display strength & take action.                                                                                                  Daniel 11:32 is a passage that in the context is a crisis of faith, assures us that we can be able to.

Are you with me?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Better yet are we with Daniel?

Over the next 10 weeks we will look at several of God’s Names to better equip us to “run into the strong tower” of His Name.

Til next time here is our song for the week…


(Includes Children’s Choir, Matt Redman, Music with words)