The Power of Knowing God – Week 6 – God is Holy

God is good.  All the time God is good.  Why?

Wrapping it up, as Kay closes each week’s lesson, we can glean so much. 

In closing this study, The Power of Knowing God, this last week we looked at God is Holy.  Just thinking about the fact that God is holy, don’t you just want to stop and take off your shoes or at least pause and consider that His holiness.  His ways aren’t our ways and aren’t you glad!

I am so thankful that He wants to be known and He can be known.  He has created us for His good pleasure.   We don’t have to guess at who He is and His desire for us to abide in Him.  He has given us His Word…

Now that we have finished our study, The Power of Knowing God, we will continue with the theme with Lord, I Want to Know You.

The Power of Knowing God – Week 5 – God is Love

The Power of Your Love

There is a Redeemer

We read in our “Wrap Up” … Once you come to God, acknowledging your sin, your impotence to save yourself, your need of a Savior, His love will be poured out in your heart through the Spirit of God who He gives to you.  Once you truly believe, once you truly receive Jesus, nothing – absolutely nothing!  – will ever be able to separate you from His everlasting love.  You are a member of God’s forever family.  Let this truth go deep into your soul until it’s absorbed to every fiber of your being.

Kay reminded us that God holds us in His hand.  No one can take us out of His hand.  We have a spiritual birthright!

Reread and reflect the Wrap It Up found at the end of Lesson 5 – God is Love.

God is Righteousness, Justice & Truth

The Power of Knowing God…week 4

Are you awed with God?  Why – why not?…

This weeks study was stunning by all we learned about Him?  It makes such a difference when we let God speak for Himself, wouldn’t you agree?  Possibly we are beginning to see that knowing God on this side of Heaven is endless!  

When we let God’s Word be the plumb line then we have something to measure what man says about God no matter who that may be.  Scripture exhorts us to be Bereans (Acts 17:11) searching the Scriptures.  Also, Paul commands (not a suggestion)us… Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth.  (II Timothy 2:15)

So, the question then becomes, who will you believe?  What will direct and order your life, your thinking, your behavior, your attitude?

When we get to know His Word and watch God in action and gengenuinely listen to what He says, then we will know right from wrong, truth from lies, and know how we are to live…regardless of what we have thought or been told.  We will gain strength and courage – courage to trust God, to obey Him no matter the circumstances.

And with that comes that inner peace that you cannot find anywhere else.  It is found solely in knowing God, in the assurance of His absolute veracity and His immutability.  Because the Lord God will NEVER change, you can stake everything on Him as Kay wrote in our book.


How does God feel about me?

Remember He is omnipresent and omniscient…

He knows all about you…

Will this make a difference in the  way He treats me/you?


His grace, His favor is always making the way, going before Him to you…

This is what we will look at next time…


Enjoy worshiping our God singing along with the songs that accompany our study this week.