Special Day Twice !

May 13, 2012

1979 & 2001 Share Same Special Day.

Mother’s Day fell on May 13th in 1979.  It was exactly one week after I tricked Roger into going to church.  That evening was life changing for me.  I walked out of the prayer room of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, with a found personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sunshine, our daughter, was so much wanted.  I had been pregnant three times before.  While I believed in God I didn’t yet know Christ and for some reason I saw Sunshine as my Samuel.  Hannah waited so long to have a child.  She also chose to honor God by giving her child back to Him.

Maybe now you can see why that Mother’s Day was so important, so special.  You see on Mother’s Day at Grace Church they were going to have baby/child dedications.  A new friend of ours suggested that we wait on dedicating Sunshine.  I was a brand new believer in Christ, Roger wasn’t.  In dedicating our daughter we were making a commitment, a vow, to God. 

Wild horses were not going to stop me from us dedicating her.  There is so much more to this story but I thing you get the jest. 

Two months later Roger would enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Then the following year our daughter would meet Christ.

With a lot of story in between our daughter would meet and marry David.  At a concert at our daughter’s school, Liberty University.  Scott Wesley Brown was singing Please Don’t Send Me to Africa.  Roger & I drove down to hear the concert (we were living about 2 hours north of Liberty in Virginia).  We were sitting behind Sunshine.  While Scott was singing that song I tapped Sunshine on her shoulder, “That’s you”.  There is so much more to this story but enough….  David was in Uganda, a short mission trip.  They didn’t even know of each other.  That was in the mid 90’s. 

Fast forward to late fall 1998.  Sunshine & David would meet.  January he started to court her, June engaged, married September 1999.  They both were committed to serving God.  Going into marriage, also the ministry.

The second special day, same day, Mother’s Day, May 13, 2001, would be special not only for me but for David’s mother as well.  We all spent the day together and night, and then bright and early at the crack of dawn we would all take Sunshine & David to the airport.  Our daughter, her husband, three grandchildren later and 11 years in Uganda serving the Lord church planting.

I am truly a blessed Mom.  I am thankful that God gave us Sunshine to raise in the admonition of the Lord as we dedicated that Mother’s Day 33 years ago.  Yes, they have been years full of laughter, tears, prayers, emotions and praise to God.

Celebrate with Me!

May 6, 2012

Today is a very special day for me.  It is my 33rd spiritual birthday.

This particular year brings an element of specialness because it falls on a Sunday.  It was on a Sunday thirty three years ago that I “tricked” Roger into going to church.

Our marriage was falling apart and I was trying to do what I could to keep it together.  I promised myself I would never be a single parent.  Not because being a single parent was bad.  Matter of fact I tried to get my Mom to leave my Dad who was an alcoholic.  Depending on his drinking he was either Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.  I grew up having to stand up to him when he would come home drunk and try to pick a fight with my Mom.  Little did I know my Mom also had to deal with a mother that was an alcoholic too!

Well, we went to a church that a co-worker had told me about.  I even called the church to ask what they were like.  One of the pastors on staff said, “You mean what is our doctrine”?  I didn’t even know what that word meant (but today I know very well what it means & its importance).  So I just said, “How do you compare to Robert Schuller and Hour of Power?   Interestingly that was this pastors “bailey wick” but somehow in God’s providence I did not hear it negative.

So, we showed up at the church Sunday morning with several thousand other people.  Somehow I did not notice all of the people and we found a parking place right up close behind the church.  The service had just started.  It was like looking at a sea of people.  I had never been in a church sanctuary that seated 3500 people.  We were seated next to a couple that was old enough to be our parents.  She leaned over to me said hello and asked for my phone number.  Since not too many people really call you after they ask for your number I figured I was safe and gave it to her.  The pastor was preaching on Ephesians 6:10 & following.   Oh, how fitting.  (You see I had been dappling in the occult for quite some time.  Of course the good stuff, you know, horoscopes, trying to do my daughter’s chart – never cold finish it – and “white” witchcraft, because that was good and the black was bad!)

After the message I couldn’t wait to get out of there.  Mind you, I told Roger if he didn’t like it we would just leave.  I had little concern since he wasn’t really interested in going in the first place and he really didn’t talk to anyone.  I was surprised!  He started talking to the couple that had asked for my number.  Irritated, I looked at him, asked “what time do we need to be there “as I pointed to my watch?  He responded, “Be where?”   I proceeded to embed my spike heel into his foot.  (You see I had be these were pretty hot – red & black 4”) He said, “What’d you do that for”.   I was fuming.  I wanted out of there so bad.  Little did I know that the Holy Spirit was convicting me of my need for the Savior?

Well, after the service on the way home I was reading the bulletin and saw that the pastor was going to talk about “adultery & divorce” from Matthew 7.  Since Roger didn’t know what the Bible said about the subject his response was “I’m not going and neither are you”.  Normally Roger was very supportive of anything I wanted to do, but not this time.  An argument ensued.   I did go back.  Sat in the back with my Good News Bible hanging on every word the pastor was saying.  As I held back tears with sighs the woman next to me slipped her arm around me and started patting me on my shoulder.  Can you imagine this picture!  Brave woman, knowing me!  At the close of the service the pastor said that the prayer room was open.  I thought…great, I could get a “disinterested third party’s opinion” of how to keep my marriage together.  Little did I know I would get the most interested person’s opinion?  The woman that I spoke went to had a ministry to those in Boys Juvenal Hall.  Don’t you find that funny for those who know me!  I walked out of that prayer woman a “new woman”!

As soon as I got home I told Roger and he said, “That’s nice”.  We both went every week with our daughter, Sunshine.  Then in July Sunshine was sick so I went in the morning and he went in the evening.  That would be Roger’s “time”.  He came home a “new” man in Christ.  Our daughter would be the following year.  Then the next year after a “family camp” we knew we were called to a ministry of “Priscilla & Aquila”.

Some of the year’s would be more active and formal and then some not so formal.  We have been involved in small group ministry since the early 80’s, housing small groups, then after missions training & inductive Bible study training started to lead small groups.  That is where are heart is, our passion.  Many have come through our doors in three different states, several different communities.   We have many fond memories and a few painful ones too.  Those who chose to turn their back on the Truth, the True and living Savior.

But this is where are passion lies and we will press on.    I Cor. 15:58